Float Away

Float Away

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Liner Notes: 

Number 1 of 50/90, 12 of 100/180. Wrote this for my first ever Songfight, but may have gotten it in too late to be thrown in the ring. Oh well. I have a dentist appointment coming up and a terrible dentist phobia, so I get drugged just to have my teeth cleaned. The prompt of "floating away" seemed appropriate.

I wanted to experiment with writing a song with a single riff throughout and vocal chopping, and this is the result. I had fun.


I, I feel so numb
Can't feel my fingers, cat's got my tongue
Gone, it's gone away
Every single word I never got to say

Sing, insanity
Bring your wilderness to every part of me
Go, go on your way
I will close my eyes until I feel the day

'Cause I don't wanna go, wanna stay on the floor
Wanna dance to the rhythm of the days before
Wanna fly to the middle of the shimmering sun
When the stars go down and the dreaming is done
Say you got no time, but you're feeling fine
Well let me introduce you to a friend of mine
Take me back to those halcyon days, and let me float away

Breathe another sigh
Hear the thunder that is coming from on high
Feel the roaring wind
While you remember every single place you've been

Hide, hide it away
Let your brokenness inside show you the way
I, I can't believe
In a world that never rids itself of greed

'Cause I don't wanna go, wanna stay on the floor
Wanna dance to the rhythm of the days before
Wanna fly to the middle of the shimmering sun
When the stars go down and the dreaming is done
Say you got no time, but you're feeling fine
Well let me introduce you to a friend of mine
Take me back to those halcyon days, and let me float away

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Wow! This blows my mind! Incredible lyrics and girl the whole song!

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Well it works really well. Nice song really easy on the ear. Nice.

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This has such a unique vibe.
The music is dominated by that bubbly bass and those equally bubbly arps panned to the left and right. Perfect mellow drums and beat to accompany those sounds, really sway-inducing.
Then your voice. The WAY you sing this, there's this soul/jazz feel to it that contrasts with the music in a really pleasing way. It has the kind of vibe that made me fall in love with Zero 7 back in the day.
And lastly, what brilliant lyrics. I'm not someone who really gets that into lyrics often, but these are great. Even just to read them with no music, the words have a rhythm and groove to them, which you gave the perfect vocal melodies to.
This is top stuff.
LOVE this simple chops at 2:50...

Kurtis Kanttila's picture

Very smooth song, your vocals are great and clear on here. Nice melody also and cool instrumental. I like all the beeps and boops. Enjoyable song!

billwhite51's picture

when i didnt think it could get any better, those harmonies kicked in and the winds hit the sails. wonderful job of building a melody off a repeating riff. good clean production and marvelous singing and writing.

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I agree with the others, strong song writing. Unique on several fronts. Very cool.

Gwyn Jones's picture

A wonderful composition in every sense...using every sense!

Saltyjohn's picture

Terrific, really good lyrics and performance.

McTown's picture

I like the feel....D

Chip Withrow's picture

Mesmerizing! I like the contrast of the trippy spaciness of the verses and the rap-like tumble of words in the chorus. And lovely vocals throughout.
Listening to this while in a dentist's chair would be interesting ...

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Love the sound of this. The instrumental beat is so focused and concise -- I always try to put too much in the song. The backing is restrained, and the focus is on the vocal, which sounds great. Your production skills are sharp!

The chorus is strong, and there's just enough repetition halcyon days/float away. I think I know what our narrator is feeling. I think I see it. But it's soft-focus, and really intriguing to follow.

katpiercemusic's picture

Halcyon days... NICE! I like how the lyrics in your chorus are rapid, but they are so relaxed.

philmcmill's picture

Nice groove right from the start. Wonderful phrasing and vocals! Love the little riff introduced after the 1st chorus. Very cool! Mesmerizing, love it!

jeustan's picture

It's welcoming yet foreboding, to begin, and then you pull off a chorus that surprises. That chorus! It's vocal layers are gorgeous but what I love the most is the meter. The rhythm of how you landed those syllables, that seems daunting to me as a songwriter but you make it sound effortless and very cool. Saving this for another listen.

Vegansongs's picture

Another song that is going into heavy rotation... You are really capturing a mood in this one. Soothing and uplifting.

pipewrench67's picture

Very hypnotic, puts me in mind of some understated stuff from the late 80's , love the wiggly sines after float away.

Zeekle's picture

I think all the superlatives have been used. Love your vocals on this and the melody. The verse is sparse in comparison to the chorus, which just flows so nicely. The music is very hypnotic. Great track..

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Damn, damn, damn, this is another superb song! This should be charting somewhere! Truly something special! So, what do I love about it? Well it has such a mesmerizing overall vibe created by your vocal styling and unique instrumentation! And the way you sing the verses in a laid back way and then switch into double-time for that chorus just delights me every single time! This is really something special! I've listened three times already and I'm not done. Not even!

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Amazing song! Hypnotic and breath taking. Very cool lyrics and vocals. Love the instrumental backing and your vocals so much. Brilliant work all around. You are hugely talented. Enjoyed listening very much.

IA's picture

Mmm interesting feel to it all. Very minimalistic, gives it a constrained feel, like inside a computer. But reading the liner notes, I suppose it makes sense. Biggrin

The words reflect that, it's how all you wanna do is simple stuff, but then somebody keeps throwing crisises at you and you gotta deal with them.

I appreciate this!

tunecat's picture

Just read the lyrics.. cool. Work really well. Like the 80's vibe.. The hypnotic synth. Yeah!