Haworth - The Bronte Sisters

Haworth - The Bronte Sisters

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Liner Notes: 

Let me take you on a journey to Haworth, West Yorkshire in England 1854. The Bronte sisters are discussing what they've each written on this day. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall. All enjoying a glass of Port while the Candles flicker and make interesting silhouettes and shadows across the room.


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Your description really sets the scene. And then the music just really fills it in. I can see the candles quietly flickering and reflecting in a glass of wine. I can also just see the dimly lit room everyone is sitting in. You've painted with sound very well..

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Certainly sets the scene. Good work this, really nice.

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you should be writing music for those BBC minseries versions of classic novels. thus music couldnt be more perefect, so enthrallingly intellegent.

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the liner notes really paint a picture that the music brings to life. I really liked that "flutter" effect you got with the violin and cello in places.

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Excellent arrangement and a lovely composition. Strings sound fab.

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Gorgeous music ... as Bill noted, this really does sound like the soundtrack to a BBC period miniseries. Love it!

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So perfectly you set the stage with your liner notes and your gorgeous flowing dramatic music does not disappoint! I am transported to this candlelit nineteenth century evening and the stimulating discussion that ensues. This is a wonderful piece of music!!!

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Absolutely beautiful and transporting. I can picture this scene as well--familial, relaxed, and intellectual. A wonderful listen.