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Liner Notes: 

Played around with the guitar, and had to build a song around the riff.


"I didn't tell you what to do, where to go, what to think, what to feel"
Always some, always some, always some explanation
Why do we even talk? What is the point of communication?
It's a one-way-street, there's only one recipient

"I didn't say these words in these specific order or use this punctuation"
Always some, always some, always some explanation
Let people think what they want, that's not your responsibility
It's a one-way drop off this cliff, boy

Take a gander now where your role will lead
Who you think you are, what you think you are, what you think
Place your bets, lay down your chips, no more bets
Who you think you are, who you think you are, who you think

Why speak, why speak what you mean?
Why speak, why speak what you mean?

Control those you see with what they need
There's only one truth, benefit me
Control all in reach with your greed
There's only one truth, benefit me

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What a grumpy sounding song!
That guitar riff is dark and the lyrics are grouchy.
Powerful overall effect.

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This sounds like it should of been in the "Joker" film (Joachin Pheonix) Very dark and foreboding. I like the change at 2:40 which almost sounds like a beginning of a Metallica song.

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That is some really inspired acoustic guitar playing - like jazz metal. i like the lead, too - like the guitars are chasing each other. I'm reading the lyrics now that the song is over - quite poetic. Your dramatic vocalizing does justice to the words.

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Oh yeah, such attitude here!
I'm loving the guitar attack.
Your vox are both hilarious and scary at the same time.
Excellent acoustic punk tune.
I love it!

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I loved this one. I could imagine a person in the room being sung this song. Your solo is fun! Yay too for the ending part...a nice way to end the tension from earlier.

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this is so refreshing, all the misfit pieces fit together so perfectly. its love at first sight between the guitar and vocals, with those extraordinary lyrics the potion that gets the gets the rubber spinning

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This is excellent man, it's like a complete rejection of cliches. It's like an attitude has led you into new territory, and it sounds so great.
I never understand why people are just content to copy the standards of the time when they can take a chance and do something original.
Like this.

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What attitude! This song is definitely a journey...through some very dysfunctional communication. Sounds like you had a lot of fun playing in the sandbox!

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Angsty & rock'n. This was a fun change up from your usual tunes, Juha.

See You In The Shadows…

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You had be from the beginning but that descending guitar part you bring in after the second verse put a silly grin on my face and I was having fun. It rocks. It's refreshing.

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This is one skill I aint got! You have done it well, it comes across great