Keep the Beat

Keep the Beat

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Liner Notes: 

Coping with anxiety over going back in the classroom by reexamining my curriculum. I don't know whether I'll be able to be in the classroom or not, but I'm pretty sure singing is out for a while, so I took the first concept I teach, and one I reenforce all the time, steady beat and I did this. Now I can use it in a distance lesson. Or I can use it in my classroom and it's still me singing. Or I can take my voice out and use it as a back track. I can have the kids record themselves singing along with it to check pitch accuracy. I can change the verses and make it about playing certain classroom instruments. I'm going to send this into my supervisor for brownie points.


Let's all keep the beat my children
My children, my children
Let's all keep the beat my children
Switch it up

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Fun, inspiring! Just this afternoon, I got out my tin whistle, which I barely play.
Charming song - you are making the most of a tough situation, and your students will sure appreciate that.
I taught middle and high school for over 20 years - I feel for what current teachers are going through.

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ahhh great little ditty for teaching kids! you're bound to get some very interesting verses to this Smile

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You got this, such a fun lesson!

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This is incredible. It has a very African sounding groove to it. Well done.

I share your anxiety about what elementary school music classes will look like in the fall. I suspect that I will prepare my lessons using an online platform, then adjust and adapt if I am actually in the classroom... rather than the other way around. I think that would be the easiest way to enable switching between modes of teaching-learning.

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Wow, I love this.
The drum track is flat-out awesome. Then you add that fun, positive uke pattern. The recorder's melody is perfect, hits my ears just right - its like all the notes are the exact ones my ears want to hear. And the vocals remind me of a teacher I had in kindergarten who taught dance, but also sang all her little rhythm exercises herself.
I love simple melody lines on top of infectious rhythms, there's just something about that...regardless of the vibe of the song (happy/melancholy/dancey/etc).
This sounds like it'll really appeal to youngsters' ears and be a lot of fun for them. Heck, it was a lot of fun for ME! lol
Love it.

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This would be such a fun tune for a classroom! (My wife teaches K and they like to have fun with music) I hope your upcoming school year is safe and successful. Teachers deserve so much more respect then society tends to give them.