chuck i had a double burger

chuck i had a double burger

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Liner Notes: 

not my best work but w.e


stumbling on every crack and bump in the sidewalk,
i slowly make my way back home.
i know exactly where i need to go

cause I am fine
I’m just fine
No trouble on my mind
I shove it down inside

did i lose my footing?
why does everything seem so far away?
am i just dreaming?
did i lose my place?

face down,
I’m lying about everything,
a smiling facade,
I give a reassuring nod
as I walk out confidently

cause I am fine
Im just fine
No trouble on my mind
I shove it down inside

Guess I need a place to hide while i pretend everything is fine

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Stylewise this is the sort of rock I was listening to in the late 90s/early 2000s. Lots of passion to the lyrics and the vocals follow suit nicely.

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Awesome guitars here, the intro arpeggios were cool but I didn't expect it to build to that excellent pick-up around 0:22. and then those brief stops into the verses, so many cool details in this track. Your vocals bring great passion and energy. Really enjoyed this one!

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i love your delivery, really expressive and committed, both main vocals and backing vocals are spot on. i love the gentle start of the guitars, and those stops are really engaging. really nice sound and dynamics. really strong lyrically especially paired with your fantastic delivery. great stuff, really enjoyable listening.

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This is a really great rockin' tune
I do love the little semi breaks from the all out cruncy chord chugging to the little melodic twinkles gives it a great contrast
great write!

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Energetic... angry. I like it. Real "don't mess with me" vibe.

I know people who keep pretending everything is fine when it's obvious they're not fine. It's damn exhausting. This song is so great, because it gets it all out. And that's a start!

I find this inspiring.