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Liner Notes: 

Trying to get noodly synth stuff out of my system. This is a collection of sounds I found a bit meditative, maybe. It was fun to work on.



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Yes, definitely feels meditative to me! I don't usually listen to stuff like this but I like the combination of melodic sounds with sound effects. It almost felt like entering a different world, an interesting dreamy one.

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Noodle away! Your noodling sounds coherent, like it's taking us some where. I love the ambience with all the little chirping noises mixed in. My daughter took my headphones into her room last night. Damn her--I need them now. Without headphones, however, this is mixing nicely with sounds around me--like the garbage truck backing down my street: beep, beep, beep...

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Can you really ever get the "noodly synth stuff" out of your system, though?
Plus, it's fun to do, and that's all that really counts, right?
I really like your noodles.
So interesting.
Great headphone music.
So many interesting SF noises floating around here.
Slightly unsettling, but in a good way.

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I can use this for meditation- mesmerizing

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That is weird and hypnotic Eric. The initial samples really remind me of Tibetan singing bowl. After that I just sort of fell into it.

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I started listening to this and suddenly am in the 23rd dimension. Send help... Or not.