Polite Conversation

Polite Conversation

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Liner Notes: 

Really like this idea... probably gonna revisit it later to expand/improve etc.
So here's the first little draft


Under the table their knees are soft
their legs stay crossed
The pitter-patter of the platters
powdered noses, crunched up toes

Show a sign of life, pressing a heel to her thigh
Take a bite, say “Have you heard, what we will have for dessert?”

Sweet conversation
So out of touch, can’t get enough
Fingers drifting, as they listen
‘Please don’t pick me, I’m not hungry’

Show a bit of class, give us a reason to laugh
Smile, say “Have you heard, what we will have for dessert?”

Come on, take a bite,
Take a bite now.

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This is very interesting. The melody and piano have this cool kind of anti-folk quality and the lyrics have intriguing multiple meanings. I like it!

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i really like the route you take with this meloduc idea as well as the clever wordplay, i was particulary taken with the phrase, "The pitter-patter of the platters" we dont get much etiquette satire these days.

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I like your style, it seems eclectically influenced. A bit like Regina Spektor but parts of it feel jazzy or even cabaret to me. Don't know if you know her, but in certain parts your voice (not really the song itself) reminds me of Jenny Owen Youngs, she is awesome.

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That's an incredibly pretty piano part off the bat. Sort of a melancholy jazz feeling to it. I'm a fan of the picture-painting lyrics you've written for the really active and engaging melody too. It's a unique and solid style. Cutting to just the vocal is a really compelling part of the song as well, especially followed by the repetition of "take a bite". Good work!

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this is really charming and evocative- the piano and vocal setting and that conversational vocal sets up this chain of images and fragmentary thoughts nicely! great work
love that key change on 'take a bite now'

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I love your use of jazz harmonies and the melodic and rhythmic material o the piano. Also, you are really good at writing for your own voice. I mean your voice is wonderful, but you write music that suits it so very well. I really enjoyed listening to this.

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I like your lyrics. It sounds like we're in for some sort of traditional supper club piano music, but you skew things a bit and leave us off balance. Lovely

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Very clever lyrics and a beautiful melody and piano arrangement. Amazingly done. Wow. In awe.

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that was really impressive, I loved the arrangement. I was getting musical vibes. I think I was the emotion in your vocals it felt like story telling which I really liked. I really liked the break that was nearly the end of the song, it was unnerving and really puts you edge, I guess that was what made me think of musicals because I got that edge of my seat feeling when I heard that.

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Really nice phrasing, here. Great lyrics, and the piano and vocals are sublime. Loved the contemporary, somewhat jazzy feel. Just wonderful all around!

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Mmmm that piano. And the the multiple-possibilities lyrics! and the good voice too [/envy] So glad I listened in. Stirs me to doing a bit better, and less same old/same old rut I keep falling into.

Someone said "intriguing" up above? they're right! But when you work this up, don't overwork it--the sparseness is hugely appealing. (What, no download button?)