Hammock on the Moon

Hammock on the Moon

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Liner Notes: 

The lyrics were an afterthought to the melody that popped into my head this morning, but I had a picture of a hammock on the moon since the week2 challenge was posted. So there you go.


It's exactly what I need
This is just the perfect speed
And I'm flying through this lazy afternoon
In my hammock on the moon

No gravity. No worries burden me
In my cocoon here on the moon
Carefree and blithe. In the pale glow of Earth's light
Gone too soon here on the moon

It's a singular romance
Stars that shimmer as they dance
And I'm weightless as a child with a balloon
In my hammock on the moon

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Awesome! Lovely keyboard sounds - one spacey, one grounding. Cool lyrics - I dig the image. A delightful song!

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In my cocoon here on the moon good rhyme.. i love the idea of relaxing in a hammock n the moon.

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Would be very happy if somebody sang this to me as a lullaby!

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Such a relaxing fantasy. I like the background drone notes, gives an anti-gravity feeling.

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I love descending chord progressions and you have a lovely one here coupled with a pleasant synth and melody. I especially like when it goes up in the chorus. As @MarkG said, the drone notes really help it. This would work wonderfully as a lullaby. Great song!

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Right from the start I was in from that lovely melody, and it kept up! I like the lyrics and mood. Works nice as a lullaby, very relaxing.

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Whoa. This would suit as the theme song for a Studio Ghibli anime movie. And I wish I could see that movie.

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Always wanted a hammock on the moon........now I must have one! there's a great theme song to hear while getting sloshed in low gravity Smile

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Oh such a wonderful concept and beautifully executed! Really lovely in all respects!

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Nice, simple accompaniment that allows freedom to the vocal melody. Very pretty.

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Fun, peaceful tune. I like the scene you're setting. It helps that on the moon you'd probably weigh 20 lbs.

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I've had my hammock out this summer and I find the lyrics super-relatable. This feeling of weightlessness is well fought in this metaphor of "hammock on the moon".

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What a wonderful and dreamy concept! I love this idea, perfect for a lullaby with a sweet melody.