Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers

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Liner Notes: 

This came out of the Week 2, furniture challenge. It is pretty self explanatory. Sorry.


Mr. Whiskers
(c) July 12, 2020 Sean McGaughey 5090 #3

Sorry Mr. Whiskers. Yes I know that is your chair,
Do you realize I bought and I was just sitting there
I went to refill your bowl. Do you think that we could share?
Yes, Mr. Whiskers I know that it's your chair.

Excuse me Mr. Whiskers, that pillow is for my head.
I'm sure you could find another spot to lie upon the bed.
And could you kindly sheath those claws of yours that I dread.
Excuse me Mr. Whiskers, that pillow is for my head.

Before you came this house was somewhat less than a home.
These four walls are the kingdom where you choose to freely roam
You tolerate our company like a fairy tale gnome.
Since you came into to our house, it’s become a home

Please Mr. Whiskers, we have room enough for all.
You don't need to sleep at midnight in the middle of the hall
When I stumble to the throne room in the dark I'm sure to fall.
Please Mr. Whiskers, we have room enough for all.

What's it now Mr. Whiskers, that's the food you always eat.
You don't get to lick the tuna off my sandwich as a treat.
Damn, I'm trying to walk here, stop curling round my feet.
There's lots left in your dish of the food you always eat.

Chorus 2:

Mr. Whiskers, you're the fiercest hunter in this house.
And I must admit that is quite an impressive mouse.
But perhaps you shouldn't leave it in the shoe of my spouse.
Yes Mr. Whiskers you're the hunter of the house.

If it's not too much please stop kneading me with your paws,
I hope not to awaken with a toe in your jaws.
And I fear the unrelenting pain you can inflict with your claws.
If it's not too much, Mr. Whiskers please stop kneading me with your paws.

Chorus 3

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I have this exact same conversation with my cat, Grace O'Malley. Both of them ignore me all day long until I want to work on the computer. The lyrics are solid. I like the ukulele strum. It's really fun all around, and definitely a series of experiences any cat person can relate to. Excellent job!

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a very good cat song! great flow - good fun song!

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Hahaha, we got a cat a few months ago; I'm a dedicated cat fan, whereas Mrs. Fuzzy has only had dogs.
She's having a hard time dealing with the fact that the house now belongs to the cat.
Great vox here.
I'm liking your uke playing; nice chord progression.
Everything sounds great on a uke, right?
Excellent work here.

JaneG's picture

All sounds very familiar especially v3 and 4. Than ks for putting my life to fun music.

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This made me laugh. I love the delivery, and the lyrics speak to me, as I have a couple of cats who like to do their cat things, for good or ill. I'm singing along!

Freaks Of Nosmo 9's picture

This guy sounds like a pedigree cat? Blue blood always expects privilege.
I like the way you appear to be complaining about him in every verse, and yet simultaneously you extol him for making the house a home.
Very entertaining and enjoyable.
Thank you also for recommending one of my songs!

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Haha this is pretty much a perfect cat song. Great little folk song and I appreciate the discipline that you seem to put into the lyrics, rhyme scheme, etc. I am working on that myself!

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Laughter everywhere!! Another great cat song for the FILK circles Biggrin

Kristi's picture

You surely cover all the lovely nuisances of cats (I have 2 myself) which endear us to them somehow! Great details and sentiments. Fun stuff and well-delivered!

corinne54's picture

Delightful! I chuckled throughout!