On and On

On and On

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I had a dream
I was the star of a show
my father knocked on my door
said, "come on, it's time to go"
so I grabbed my dresses
the white and the red
and he drove me to the theater
but I was getting scared
see, everyone was getting sick
we needed separate dressing rooms
I wondered how it'd work
if the end was coming soon
would the curtain even rise
would there be people in the seats
when out beyond the walls
folks were dropping in the street
but the show went on and on

After the bows
I was trying to explain
to a woman in the wings
why I covered up my face
she had a mask on her eyes
instead of on her mouth
still I tried to make see
what I was going on about
"it's so everyone is free," I said,
"to live another day"
but she wanted to be free
just to throw it in my face
and even in the dream
I was a real diplomat
it made me kind of angry
but mostly made me sad
her darkness went on and on

When I awoke
nothing much had changed
the only difference being
I'm not singing on a stage
and ain't it awful
when your reality
is stranger than the things
you've been seeing in your dreams
I guess that's how it is
in this enlightened age
when something starts to break
we just throw it all away
the uglier it is
the more it's easy to ignore
but then it's harder to remember
what it is we're fighting for
still this hope goes on
this hope goes on
this hope goes on and on

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Wow pretty deep had to read that twice. Good stuff delivered in that initimabl style. Even a nice more jazzy piano change up.

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Pretty song with the soft guitar and vocals. Well written, you tied it into the present reality so nicely.And yes, let us all hope for better days.

kahlo2013's picture

Really love the guitar. And the vocal delivery of your melody Is absolutely gorgeous.
Really timely and well articulated message. Poetic and poignant lyrics.
Love this song!

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Keep on hoping, my friend. What a beautiful and deep song. Wow. You impress me greatly. *starts a cleanshoes fanclub*

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Brilliant. thus us a dyed u the wook folk song at its best, with sonorous lyrics telling a essential tale in three scenes, a light an mesmeric voice carrung us aing as the words are juggled trippingly on the tongue. sheer delught that stimulates the mind as well as the spirit

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Really like this, lyrics and performance, well done

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Lovely guitar and vocals, making the sadness and anger of the lyrics all the more compelling when one goes below the beauty of the music to really focus on the message. Compelling stuff, a steely message delivered in an exquisite musical package.

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You pack a lot of wisdom into a 3-minute song. I'm depressed by the thought of all we're dealing with but super impressed with your ability to express yourself in words and music. Thank you for this!

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Beautifully rendered, my friend. The guitar and vocal combination is pure gold. Your vocal here reminded me lessons learned from School House Rock; memorable melody with a lesson of deep impact. Nice work here!

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You have such a lovely country voice.
Excellent lyrics, too.
I like your light shining amid the darkness.
Super nice guitar work here.

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This is superb; your story telling always has this wistful nostalgia to it, but this is actually so current, it's quite striking. I really love these lines, and assume they're a metaphor (right?!!)

"I was trying to explain
to a woman in the wings
why I covered up my face
she had a mask on her eyes
instead of on her mouth"

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Such a classic feel to this.

I love the rhythm and pace of the vocals. Very brisk and energetic, but juxtaposed with the soft voice and Puff the Magic Dragon guitar.

So beautiful, and I really get those emotions about uncertainty in the lyrics.


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My goodness - so gorgeously rendered. It definitely gives one pause to think about what's happening in our world today. Fantastic job I must say again!

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Excellent descriptive writing and story arc. It's a sad story but again, your delivery is true and confident.

"When something starts to break, we just throw it all away, the, uglier it is, the more it's easy to ignore." Bingo! Thanks for saying it.

The transition of low to high notes is very nice. Great guitar tones and the picking is confident and right at home.

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Reminds me a bit of Joni Mitchel.. beautiful clear voice, really dignified, confident delivery, and an amazingly solid picky guitar style. Great stuff

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Sadly this is so topical. The ballad structure fits really well and the somber delivery is spot on.