Break It (T.C. Version)

Break It (T.C. Version)

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Liner Notes: 

Lyric by S. Wordsmith :
The first version (which you should really check out):


Don't be owned by what you own
For perfect is your enemy
The scratch to start may break your heart
But with that cut will set you free

For there's no joy in dusty toys
No purpose in a page unread
A glinting prize for sorest eyes
Holds nothing for the empty head

Take it, jar it, break it, scar it
See it for its proper worth
Rip it, bust it, for it's just
Another tool to work the earth

Break it's skin to break it in
Etch the sketchbook just for fun
Scrawl a mess and start off, yes
No need to be good, just done

Ban the wraith and leap with faith
Twist the knife and face the pain
Breach the dark and leave your mark
(Better that than leave a stain)


The splinters in your fingers
From the figures on your phone
Bear a testament that lingers
T'when you struck out on your own
Now the skin is less than perfect
For a wound was struck anew
But the rent is where it entered
Where the light came in to you

Don't be owned by what you own
For perfect is your enemy...


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Deep and evocative, full of great metaphors Smile I love your interpretaion of Stephen's words TC, the melody and vocal suit the lyrics well.

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It would have been a shame if this interpretation never got the chance to be shared.

The words are the same, but they take on a new light in this delivery. While tPA's was wry, winking and sardonic, this one plays the words straighter - and it comes off sincere and a little intimate, giving lines like 'Where the light came in to you' much more power. Your handling of the chorus is very deft; you had me looking forward to each iteration, especially the first line.

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I quite enjoyed this. Great collab!

See You In The Shadows…

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Delivery serves the song well. Super collab!

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I immediately got super groovy vibes from this and started swaying back and forth in my chair. I felt like the lyrics were the best kind of simple and easy. Lyrics that you can just sit back and smile and relax and listen too. I felt like this was a super great story and the "etch the sketchbook just for fun" line was killer! Great job!

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Love that chorus melody, especially how you sing "scar it". Very cool.
It's one of those lyrics that one day you're singing it and you're all defiant and confident, and the next day you are singing it and you're all weepy and mopey. Love how you can get so many feelings from the same words. The chorus especially hits me hard. Damn good stuff.

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This is a lovely collaboration. The lyrics are great and the arrangement suites them very well. Great job!

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These Wordsmith lyrics are a gem. You turned them into an anthem of affirmation for artists. I like both versions, but the raw sincerity of yours resonated with me.