You're All Right

You're All Right

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote and recorded this in about 15 minutes - finally had time to share it now.
I saw Corinne's Sunday Skirmish prompt, got in the car, and came up with the words and tune. When I got to my yoga studio/office I recorded it on the phone, tapping on a table for some percussion.
Great prompt! This is indeed what I've been telling myself lately.


You are a warrior for what’s righteous
You got your dharma to do
You got angels and you got saints
a-watching over you

You’re all right, you’re all right
after the darkness there is light
You’re all right, you’re all right
that’s what I tell myself over and over again
You’re all right, you’re all right

You cannot predict the future
you can’t dwell upon the past
Why waste your precious time a-worrying
You’re 54 now, it all went by so fast

You’re all right …
Sometimes you pray, sometimes you fight

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You ARE alright! Great little ditty!

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The table percussion has a marching feel which is perfect for your song. Very convincing delivery of the self confident lyric. Extra points for a fine sense of timing.

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Awesome! Great little song!

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what a great recording of an uplifting slice of life- this is really like a wonderful personal mantra and we're right there with you, table thumping and everything!
54? you're alright... and still younger then me! Smile

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Sounds like a song to yourself. I keep seeing an optimistic viewpoint in these skirmish songs and this is no exception. I like your simple demo, too. A beat and a confident vocal and here you go. A good go at the skirmish, for sure.

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I like the simplicity. Much more and it would've lost its directness and power.
And what a simple, powerful mantra. I need to remember this for sure.

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What a daily affirmation!