I'm Alright

I'm Alright

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Liner Notes: 

Late to the game since my daughter and Grandkids were here. Kind of a strange one.


I'm Alright
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I'm alright
I'm all wrong
I will fight
And be strong

I am loud
I am quiet
In unfair things
I will riot

I'm alright
Try to look at the bright side
I'm complex
That is except when I'm cockeyed
I change from day to day
But I always say
I'm alright
Yeah, I'm alright

I am silly
I am sane
Seems at times
I have no brain

I am honest
I am kind
That is unless
I change my mind

Repeat chorus

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I like the acceptance of all of it that comes across. And I expecially like v2, and that rhyme of quiet and riot. That’s a terse little nugget of a verse! Well done letting this one rise up and be as ‘strange’ as it wanted to be!

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It says "I am what I am and that is ok!" Heck yeah

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Beautifully simple self examination. It's just right to the point without any extra words. Like you I imagine. Nicely done.

Chip Withrow's picture

This is great! Complex thoughts, well-chosen words. Sharp rhymes!

mike skliar's picture

ah, an 'i contain multitudes' take on it- nicely done!!!

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That's most of us. That's me depending on the day. You nailed that juxtapostion of human nature.

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Nice. Nicely twisted in riot. Sounds like real person not a dream unrealistic one.

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Embracing yourself is key, quirks, contradictions, flaws, and all.
These lines made my entire day!
"I'm complex
That is except when I'm cockeyed".
Love it!

novajimme's picture

i love the final verse bit before the chorus, i feel it expresses itself very well. good job! im liking the strange... Biggrin