I'm alright (at least for now)

I'm alright (at least for now)

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Liner Notes: 

This was a skirmish, where you have an hour to write and record something to a particular prompt. I had seen the prompt 'im alright' at 3, but nothing really clicked and i thought I'd pass on doing something. About an hour later, this idea came into my head, and i put something down quick, grabbed a guitar, and my iPhone, and recorded using music memos (which can add drums if you want)... and here ya go....

Not really sure what i think about it!


I’m alright at least for now
Until they try to sacrifice another sacred cow
I’m ok for the duration
As long as I don’t think about the state of our nation

Enough talk about the disasters
Like living in hell and being a weather forecaster

Tonight, intense fire and tomorrow the same
Scattered chance during the week of thermonuclear flame
But I’m alright

I’m alright, if I don’t think to hard
Don’t look at the cops arresting someone in the backyard
I’m ok, if you ask
As long as I avoid those who don’t wear a mask

Enough talk about trouble
Circumstances will shatter this good news bubble

Tonight, intense fire and tomorrow the same
Scattered chance during the week of thermonuclear flame
But I’m alright

(c) M. Skliar 2020

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Sounds like the best course is just keep your head down! Good energy in your delivery. Good last minute skirmish job.

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Great guitar from the off and a good solid lyric, a gentle touch for you on the politics.

DeannaSweidel's picture

Topical and I love the hell weather forecaster - outstanding

musicsongwriter's picture

Very cool take on a skirmish prompt Mike, enjoyed listening very much.

Zeekle's picture

That’s a nice driving rhythm on the guitar. Great lyrics And I never thought that thermonuclear as a lyric would I ever here, but it’s right there!! Brilliant skirmish

corinne54's picture

Sometimes we have to tell ourselves we're okay, in order to push on. "I'm alright, if I don't think too hard" - It's like we know what's going on, but we don't want to know, but we have to know! The music complements the lyrics quite well. Glad you were able to participate, Mike.

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I feel you! And this is a super song, in that style and vibe you do so well. I dig the insistent drum/guitar groove a whole lot.

cindyrella's picture

Oh yeah. Timely for sure. Keep being alright

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This sounds really great and is perfect for the times we are living in. I really enjoyed the guitar in this - it drew me in right away! We keep putting one foot in front of the other on this path of unrest and uncertainty. Hard, but yeah we’re alright. Right? We are, aren’t we?

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I think you've summed up most of us. We're alright, at least for now. And your fire and brimstone seems to be appropriate in these times. (thermonuclear flame, etc., )

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Isn't funny how "nothing appears" and then viola! Musey strikes! She's a squirrelly one!
That guitar lick is awesome. I can tell it'll be stuck in my head for awhile.
The balance between staying informed and staying sane is tricky, isn't it?

wobbie wobbit's picture

nice skirmishing. i like the overall concept - SCORCHIO! i know it was probably time constraints and software limitations but i liked how the irregular phrasing led to different parts being highlighted by the drum fills, very good stuff for a skirmish song - nice one Smile

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The melody is ridiculously catchy, love the driving beat, and the lyrics are great. You have a winner here!

barbara's picture

I like it! The analogy of hell’s weather forecaster seems apt and so clever! I sometimes think that after the medical first responders, the news show hosts have it the worst, because they can’t take a break from it. Whereas we regular citizens can take the stance you sing about and regulate our exposure, stop thinking about it for rest periods. It’s a great metaphorical commentary on our times. I’m glad your brain was working on this in the background and popped out an answer, and that you paid attention.

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This has a great punk-folk vibe that really works for you.