I'm alright

I'm alright

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Liner Notes: 

My quick rock track for the "I'm alright" skirmish - late again.... there is a trend forming.... A lot of lead in this one as I couldn't count the number of times I needed to play through the verse and over did them... no worries though, I'm alright.....


I'm alright

You can't take it
You won't make it
That's what they said to me

So I dug in
Chose to grin
Showed two fingers defiantly

I'm alright
Ready to fight
Know my mission
Know my place
I'm alright
I see the light
I'm heading
For outer space

They put me down
Made me frown
But I knew better

They tried to laugh
I cut em in half
Showed them I'm a real go getter


Solo to fade

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Great guitar drives a hopeful but angry song right through. Good skirmish

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Very cool sounding song. I like the raw energy here. If you don't mind me saying, you might like to put your link http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/42222 for the forum posting as it takes people to your soundcloud page and they might just listen and not find where to post their comment for 50/90 Smile

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Great attitude in this one. It's a good sounding track. Excellent skirmish.

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you bring the 'rawwwk' for sure in this one- really high energy and nicely done! that lead guitar is relentless (in a good way!)

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Love the guitar and some killer lyrics Jason!

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Great, driving music. The last verse is my fave!

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Great guitar and love that chorus!

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That's a great rhythm and bass track... a good foundation for the guitar and your kind of post punk vocal take (meant in a totally cool way.) This is hard not to like, hard to sit still while listening.

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You had me from the get-go. "So I dug in/Chose to grin/Showed two fingers defiantly". That's my thinking almost exactly.
And that lead guitar is delicious. Just the right amount of spit, vinegar, and f*** you. I dig it. : )

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loving the rocking vibes!!! very riffy and true to roots! inspiring Biggrin