I'm Alright

I'm Alright

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host corinne54
prompt I'm alright

This should be rocked out but no time for that now. It's one of those odd ball (not odd-meter) songs with the chorus first but that's really the set up.

Guitars: 2004 Martin DCME
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


I'm Alright

I'm alright
Shout it from the rooftop
I'm alright
Go and tell the world
What's goin' on
Ain't gonna bring me down
'cause I'm alright
I keep my flag unfurled.

They might call it news
It's slanted information
Comin' at us night and day
Imposing their views
Threatening us with cancellation
Better get woke
Learn correct speak today


If I was a statue
You could tear me down
'cause don't you know a statue can't shoot back
But I ain't no damn statue
So don't be comin' 'round
Actin' all superior
Tryin' to burn down my shack


Don't get me wrong
We all deserve equality
I'm glad to help in mending what is torn
But just because I'm white
Don't think that I'm your enemy
I's marching for your rights
Before y'all were born.


©2020 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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Aint that the truth! Everyone who is not your obvious friend aint necessarily your enemy! Well donr

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Very good lyrics and delivery. Very relatable and enjoable to listen to. Cool take on the skirmish prompt.

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The music and lyrics and performance go together very well indeed- you sing it like you mean it, and its effective. As I've said before, we probably agree on some of the underlying issues and disagree on some others, but regardless, you've crafted a nice skirmish entry here!
I did a last-minute entry onto this skirmish as well, also going slightly political...

Zeekle's picture

A very cool and thought provoking write and performance. The chord progression is perfect. A fantastic skirmish. Recent events across the globe have certainly stirred us all. The lines about the constant barrage of news strikes a chord with me. Information overload has not been kind to some.

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A well done and polished song, despite the time constraint.

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Trying again. Internet keeps going. I love the Frank honest approach. Great skirmish!

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Love that guitar strum pattern and your melodic development and delivery. Wonderful sound and a strong message that needs to be heard! It is hard with all of assumptions that are being made.

tcelliott's picture

Well, I think you've summed up the point of view of a large part of the nation. Your vocal seems to have a sense of resignation that kind of gives an appropriate tinge to your lyric.

Adnama17's picture

Starting with chorus just works here, but oddly enough, your verses are the heart of your message I think. Sneaky.

Chip Withrow's picture

You sing and play with conviction! I like the ringing sound of the guitar, and the chord progression and exuberant vocal give this one an anthemic feel. Good to hear a different point of view, too. The last two lines are particularly powerful.