Such A Thirst For You

Such A Thirst For You

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Liner Notes: 


host wacha
prompt Such a thirst

This was a tough one. I gave up at about an hour then decided the chorus was ok. Verse I had was crap so you'll never hear it.

This is 11/4 divided 3+2+3+3.

Guitars: 2004 Martin DCME

Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


Such A Thirst For You

Got such a thirst for you
Can't quench it
Wanna drench it
What am I to do
With my craving
It's depraved
Help me now I'm cursed
I got such a thirst.

©2020 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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Oh come on! share the crap too! hahaha

really enjoyed this...lyrics fit your funky timing really well.

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This is great! I like the short lyric with a strong relatable message. Wonderful guitar and delivery!

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Cool groove, the odd meter almost doesn't come across as being odd meter - flows very well. Good write.

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So... The last few days I've noticed you always seem to write in an odd meter. Nothing wrong with that of course, and maybe I've missed anything you've done in a standard meter, so just wondering how you sound straight. Not a criticism, just a pondering. <3

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I love what you’ve done with that odd meter! And that chorus is very cool. Great skirmishing!

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Short but good, It's catchy and leaves me wanting some more. Good skirmish!