Such a Thirst

Such a Thirst

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Liner Notes: 

This is for the skirmish prompt "such a thirst"

I realized after I corded the demo that I plagiarized myself. The chord progression is basically the same as my song "Running at Full Speed" so I'm either reworking this one or using it as a writing exercise.

On this track:


Verse: C am dm G
Chorus: F G

The rain poured down
A welcome sight
For all the town
Thought they's never
See rain again
And feared this might
Be the end

They had
Feared the worst
Never known
Such a thirst
Kept their
Hopes High
Looking to the sky

The people
Gathered around
To listen
To the sound
Of the rain
As it fell
And the
After rain

They had
Feared the worst
Never known
Such a thirst
Kept their
Hopes High
Looking to the sky

The crops
Had knew life
Long gone
Any strife
The bounty
Is now grand
From the rain
Across the land

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Wonderful skirmish response to a great skirmish prompt that I missed. I love the folk feel to this lyric and the upbeat strum and drive. Nice concise lines tell a powerful story that serves as a good life analogy in my mind. Well done!

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Lovely voice nice strumming

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I like that this takes place at the resolution of the drought. The pain is in the past and life can resume with thankfulness. As usual, your melody works very well with these shorter lines.. You've a knack for them, it seems.

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Nobody better to plagiarize than yourself, unless you get taken to court, but then you've got more serious issues than a lawsuit Wink

Great tune! really love the vocal performance on this too Wink Going through a bit of a drought here.....maybe if I play this again it'll work for a rainmaker Smile

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Great energy in this. You tell a serious story but keep us moving along. Fine skirmish.

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Nothing wrong with re-using a chord progression. I really like "the after rain smell" made me actually smell that smell. Catchy chorus, good skirmish.

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This is hecka catchy with a positive outcome. Sorely needed these days. Taking it all back to the basics of what we need as humans is refreshing. So much time wasted on the unnecessary. I dig this a lot. <3