Shadow Play

Shadow Play

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote this a couple weeks ago but have changed some of it to have a better flow. Would love to have someone do it.


Shadow Play
© 2020 Cindy Prince

On the outside it was picture perfect
On the outside it looked fine
But on the inside it was anything but
Unless she always stayed in line

On the outside it was like a snapshot
On the outside they all smiled
But on the inside she walked on eggshells
She was treated as a child

There was a tear in the image
As she tore herself away
She was tired of a fantasy
She was tired of shadow play
So tired of shadow play

On the outside nobody would know
On the outside it looked good
But on the inside she lived it
Everything was a falsehood

Repeat chorus

One night she slipped out of the shadows
Looking forward to better tomorrows

Repeat chorus

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Such a tough topic, but you depicted it s well.

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Hey Cindy! When I was reading the lyrics, I took my guitar and immediately played and sang a complete song for "Shadow Play". The lyrics touched me deeply. Wanna hear it? Smile


katpiercemusic's picture

I like the idea of a shadow play. It gets me into the topic of Plato's cave. Here's a lot of layers to this!

Gwyn Jones's picture

Stunningly good writing Cindy!

Roddy's picture

Shadow play is such a strong image. These are powerful lyrics and very moving. 'One night she slipped out of the shadows' is very good and adds some hope after the darkness.