Skirmish 3 - Midnight Train

Skirmish 3 - Midnight Train

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Liner Notes: 

This is my 3:rd Skirmish for this 50/90 and like the 4th ever.

I'm going back and trying to remember what chords I used here.

Key of D

Verse: D A maybe 3:rd chord after A?

Refrain: G A

Bridge (Modulation 1 ST down to Db?): Fm Db Bb x 3 Fm Db Eb

Outro: Bb(7) A7 D


the girl could feel the suspense
of the empty street
possums climbing the fence
and large bats are moving in the trees

oh-oh the river’s gone to sleep

the night would still be intense
a beggar on his knees

tigers climbing the fence
and betrayal are coming with the flees

oh-oh the river’s gone to sleep

thunders and hurricane
hailing regrets and heavy rain
escaped her ball and chain
just to move on
the midnight train

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Cool music! I love that river's gone to sleep. Nice song!

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Thank you for the listen and your feedback. Yeah that little refrain line turned out pretty good.

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I really love all of the metaphors! Powerful lyrics. Cool guitar sound with nice change up at end section. Great take an skirmish!

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Thank you for the listen and your feedback. 3 skirmishes done so far and it seems every song is getting a little better. I used an effect that is supposed to be 70's Disco or Funk and it worked alright in this song. The outro happened as a mistake at first I guess. I played it out of key but I liked the sound and contrast to the rest of the song. Smile

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I like the descriptors of what one might see out at midnight. The phrase 'hailing regrets' is my favorite in the song. To me the guitar sounds kinda like a funkier version of more typical train noises. Well done on the skirmish!

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This is a great skirmish! I love the laid back feel of the guitar, it really allows me as the listener to sit with the lyrics which are quite beautiful. The bridge is very nice, it changes just enough, great song! I an have to agree that that "oh-oh the river’s gone to sleep" is a great line, the way you delivery it really adds something to it too.