Midnight Train

Midnight Train

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt was midnight train.


Midnight Train

After a good night out in town
I caught the train at midnight
You sat there in the carriage
Looked like you'd been in a fight

Took some time before you said hi
And I put that down to drink
Then when you cracked a funny joke
Well we both began to think

Then the nerves held us back
We went on separate tracks

So don't leave the midnight train
Deciding never to see them again
It's a mistake
To walk away
So don't leave the midnight train alone
When there's nothing waiting at home

Reaching out to pull the window
I though we'd end up that close
You smiled as you played on your phone
And my heart skipped when you rose

(Repeat pc and chorus)

After the dance
You take your chance
Else you'll miss out
Be left with doubt

(Repeat pc and chorus)

Watching you leave me that night
I struggled with the outcome
Blew our chance on that midnight train
But then that's how some trains run

(Repeat pc and chorus)

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i like that - oh for opportunities missed! no regrets! very nice and i love the last line

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A really nice take on the prompt. Those missed chances and wondering what may have happened if you'd spoken up. A good write.

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I love trains and anything about them and this is such a good write!

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Not a love loss, but a love missed. I think your take on the prompt is a good one. I like the window verse. It's an image that brings home the near miss.