Walking, talking medical dictionary

Walking, talking medical dictionary

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Liner Notes: 

This started to spin in my head this morning so instead of ignoring it, I wrote it down. Just a bit of (medical) humour.

As I was writing I started to think of a style and I thought of the Crash Test Dummies.- Afternoons and Coffeespoon’s.

Just lyrics for this one, busy day and another music project to get done so if anyone wants to add music please do. Feel free to change any of the lyrics to fit.

Cheers, Jason


Walking, talking medical dictionary

You wanna give me sugar, sugar
Please don’t I’m diabetic
You wanna take my breath away
I’d rather you didn’t, I’m asthmatic
You wanna make my heart race, faster and faster
That sounds like atrial fibrillation, that’s a real disaster
Let’s face it let’s not lie
If you love me like you want
I’m just gonna die

I suppose we were never ever meant
Never meant to be
I’ve got every ailment going
I’m a walking talking medical dictionary

You wanna give me diamonds, diamond stones
Let me tell ya, my kidneys have got their own
You said you could smell the roses in my hair
I beg to differ cause I’ve got a touch of alopecia
No no no we can’t kiss, no it won’t do
My false teeth are loose and will fall out right on you
So let’s dance the night away you whisper in my ear
My bunions say no. my hips won’t get in gear.


Oh show me show me that ECG
Is that an elevated segment of ST
Does this mean my psyches gonna crack
No, no, it’s just your bog standard heart attack


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Clever and funny and cute and just fun. Glad I stopped to read this. I swear except for the diabetes, teeth and alopecia, you nailed me! LOL

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Very clever work play here. There is just the right amount of humor, nice set of lyrics.

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clever and funny.. id like to hear this musicated, music hall style

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This is a fun lyric, very creative and original. I could see one of those comedy singers singing this song and I think it would do well for them!

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Great stuff: of course the bunions was my favorite. let me know if anybody takes this one- or else I might consider adding music, said the nurse.

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I LOVE the Crash Test Dummies (they are from Manitoba, if I remember correctly!) and yeah, I can feel the influence in the lyric for sure. Fun lyric!

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Good stuff. Very witty and at times disturbing with the details. Hope no-one has all these conditions.