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Liner Notes: 

Hit the slump so soon! 3 songs in!

So here's an instrumental synth noodle that I worked on all weekend somehow. Rhythmic sequences from Moog Subharmonicon, which I'm still figuring out. Subtle melodies from Spitfire "Lab" free sounds (, and a Moog Mother 32 also. Background sound is a freight train.



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Spitfire sounds are so beautiful. You've made excellent use of them. I love the low mid synth swells, whatever they are, that start at 1:21. It all feels like a serene conversation like one you would hear in a forest near a lake, as the sun heads down.

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Ah, it sounds like you fell down the Experimental rabbit hole!!
Yeah, I do that all the time.
Ooh, the entry of that Sci-Fi synth sound is appealing.
Excellent headphone music.
The rumbling train beneath it all grounds it nicely.
Really nice work here!

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Love the imaginative journey my mind created as I listened to these sounds: from a busy train station to a ride through the countryside and then a wind rattling chimes on a porch. That final extended note gave me chills.

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Like that wavy sea trafficky ambience behind and the open spacey mostly pentatonic synths. A fine otherworldly urban meditation.

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The great thing about running out of ideas is that it sometimes leads to wonderful experimentation like this, and a cool aural excursion develops! I love the juxtaposition of the freight train background and those delightful high register sounds, with interjections of drama in the middle ground. I too liked the ending. Headphones are a real must for that part especially.

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Very nice piece of ambient music here. You did a great job layering, everything works together very nicely. This piece very open, I think the underlying rolling train helps that feeling a lot. The synth parts have a very nice, calm feel to them. Very nice job on this track!