Skirmish - ss071120k - Truth

Skirmish - ss071120k - Truth

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Liner Notes: 

[@coolparidiso]'s skirmish prompt:
"THEME/PROMPT: The THE TRUTH no hiding the truth the truth will out tell me the truth whatever to do with truth" skirmishing hasn't gotten off to a good start - 50 something minutes over with this one.
I thought I was looking good when I glanced at my timer and saw 3 minutes left...then I realize I had no kind of structure.
Most of my time was spent arranging.

Took about 5 minutes to search out some vocal samples with the word "truth" in it. I knew I wanted some kind of preacher.
Found some and just started chopping and manipulating.
That took some time so I decided on very very simple drums and yet another dancey track. I feel like I take the easy way out by doing dance tracks for skirmishes because they require less effort with drums.
Anyway, I kept messing with layers and had something kinda ok, but that's when I realized i just a 16 bar loop and not a song.
Had to arrange, and that required more layers and elements. The whole time I wasn't really liking what I was hearing.
But...I had come so far, so I wasn't gonna just scrap the whole thing and call it quits.
Eh, it is what it is. Should NOT have taken me almost 2 hours to do this, though. That is disappointing.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Time spent well, it seems. This is cool. Great vocal samples and you use them very well. Good beat and I like your layers. I'm enjoying this a lot.

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yeah i agree great samples nice tune in the time. amazing really!

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This is really great! I love the use of the vocals you choose and the beat drives it home. Outstanding layers!

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wild-sounding stuff! nice use of samples and loops there! nice build up...

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Are you kidding? This is exactly how they spout, hoping it will take, repetition upon repetition upon repetition of their ridiculous agenda/thought process/beliefs. And people believe it. I don't get that, but this song totally works.

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Wow, this packs a lot with so few words, and quite a dance beat!

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I'd say this ended up being worthwhile, there are a lot of cool things going on in this track. All the different sections flow together nice with the samples. I like that it went all over, it was a cool journey with a lot of sonic details.

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I really like how you worked with the samples here! A more than worthwhile effort imho, even if you maybe didn't quite capture what you wanted, it works in its own right.

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2 hours? Impressive how quickly you work.

Dude, it's a jam. I want to hear it louder.
edit: Oh, it's a skirmish. Still, sick that you did this in that amount of time.