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Liner Notes: 

I was feeling a little put upon (one of those poor me, boo hoo kinds of moods, yeah, and self-indulgent) and decided to anthropomorphise that and sing about it instead. Started on the 5th, spent a little too much time considering, so let's get it out and move on already.

Continuing to do my scratch recordings on an old Kindle Fire tablet with a pretty good mic. Thanks for listening. Or not, that would be ok too. Cheers. Smile


Well… you’ve got some nerve to treat me
Like you do
Takes me way back to those hated days
Like starting over in high school

Talkin’ ‘bout me like I’m
Out of the room
Somewhere, an old hound dog and I are
Howling at some dumbstruck moon

Oh, the places you’ll roam
Robbing cradle to grave
They’re places I don’t wanna know
Too late, I pressed Ctrl and save

I’m unadored, you’re slightly bored
Every minute there’s another one born
This was my minute
How deeply I’m in it

Now I’m another day older
Can’t say that I’m wise
Seems I’m stuck like broccoli
In your permanent incisors

You’re still treating me cold
Stylish clothes over villainy
I should not, I shouldn’t ought, I shall not, I shan’t
Winter this discontent with thee

When February’s your middle name
You never do get warm
I’ve been warned, you play your little games
Right up until you upset the board

I’m unadored, you’re slightly bored
Every minute there’s another one born
This was my minute
How deeply I’m in it

Unadored, I’ll underscore
Every petal is gone but the thorns
No way to win it,
Might as well finish

Somewhere there cries a lone unicorn

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Really like the way the song moves and your phrasing is so perfect. You have a great singing voice. Even a little nod to Shakespeare with the "Winter this discontent" line. Enjoyed the listen.

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Lots of clever lines here to poke fun at the "woe-is-me" aspect. Strong vocal performance as well!

nancyrost's picture

Love the 12/8 swing of this and the supple, soulful vocal! The humor-in-pathos is charming and there's lots to dig in the turns of phrase. Particularly like the "play your games" verse.

TomS's picture

Wise and incisors - now that is serious wordsmithery. Smile

dzd's picture

Lot of really great lines in this!.....Beautiful write

Every petal is gone but the thorns, simple, concise, very vivid....jealous it wasn't mine! hahah
Great stuff!

IA's picture

The hook is brilliant. It's like a layer of polish on top of that chorus. Mmm... makes me feel all warm inside when it comes together like that.

The words are a bit bittersweet. Or maybe just bitter. Idk. I get the feeling from the song that you like what you are... if this is about you. Biggrin Another patch on the belt.

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I love the rhymes in the chorus and you're singing so damn well on this one.. well, I guess that's normal for you. But you're vibrato and phrasing is spot on here.

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This is fantastic John! I love the emotion in your voice and feel of the phrasing and the laid back flow of the rhythm. The honest and heartfelt feel of your lyrics creates a sense of vulnerability that is palpable and relatable. Wonderful song, great hook, perfect delivery.