Take Me As I Am

Take Me As I Am

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Liner Notes: 

I pictured this as possibly morphing into a duet later.

I used six cubes, two each from my three sets...
Cubes: moon, eye, person falling, person laughing, music notes, and a sub/spaceship...


As you watch me trip
As you make me fall
As you see me bleed with not a care at all
As you rip away all the trust I thought we had
Calling evil “good” as you call me bad

PC- I’m not the villain in this story
The way you paint me out to be
I know we don’t see eye to eye
But we could learn how to agree


Don’t laugh at me as I stumble in the dark
Don’t sing about how I’ll never make a spark
I’m not the Eve to your idea of Adam
Don’t mock my grief if you don’t give a damn
Just take me. Just take me. Just take me as I am.

As you turn away
As you let me go
As you cut your ties to a life we used to know
As you stumble on blaming me for our mistakes
Calling me to change as my poor heart aches

PC- I’m not the jealous, angry lover
Throwing graffiti on the wall
Just because I find it hard to share
Doesn’t mean we’ve lost it all.

(Repeat Chorus)

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The prechoruses are wonderful bridges between the verses and the choruses. The chorus is really powerful. The phrasing and dynamics are perfect! Fantastic song and would be a wonderful duet. Love your use of language here. Strong hook.

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Beautiful melody. Very powerful refrain: Just take me as I am. Good to hear you here, looking forward to more over the summer.

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I can hear this as a duet, but your rendering works well here. This is a beautiful song; loving the melody but I think the pre-choruses have won me over.

Keep the party moving!

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It is good to hear your vocals again. The words striving to agree on something, while asking for simple acceptance is felt strongly here.

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Great to see you here! This is such a wonderful song. I just love your talent.

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Love the vibe and speed of the song. Love the imagery in this song: it really captures the message. You have a good voice with a good range and you shine on the long notes.

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That chorus is beautiful... as you do the repeats, the tension builds and then the resolution. Ah, that's class. This is like Francesca Battistelli stuff.

Great energy overall. Gotta listen more!

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This has a lot of conviction in the lines as well as the performance. The lines have great rhythm in them and memorable details. I liked the phrasing and pauses and emotion in your vocal delivery too. Well done!