Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

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Liner Notes: 

A little bit of edm again! It's not entirely enlistenable. Biggrin

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It feels like a edm storm! Love the beat-good one!

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It's always amazes me how fast some folks can turn stuff like this around. This would take me hours!
That main beat is hypnotic.The whole thing feels like a storm as it blows in, stays for a bit, then blows away. And the high notes about 2:30 sound like the wind. Cool. Smile

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Oh this is nice! I like how the different sections contrast with each other while still keeping that driving beat going

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Nicely done great structure. Nice one

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The wind swirling in the intro sets up the mood and then Pow! Cool groove and melody.

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You said EDM and I thought EDM but it was still a surprise when the beat hit. It's a cool one beat and I like the texture you've added. You probably know I'm not the biggest EDM fan/listener. But I genuinely enjoyed listening to this.

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Great mix. I love heavy rain and storms.

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Oh yeah! Love the driving beat underlying the melody as it builds at just the right pace, just like a driving rainstorm. Well done!

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Rhythm of the synth is like raindrops on a roof and the searing lead is like lightning racing through the sky. Well done and wow all this in a skirmish!

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I didn't participate in this skirmish but it's a very cool prompt. Very interesting to listen to your composition. It's visual, powerful, dynamic and very expressive. I love the choice of your sounds and the melodies with the chords and melodic lines. I can picture your music in a movie or in a documentary about extreme weather conditions. Also this would work for a movie scene about someone having to go by train, away from someone he or she loved, in a bad weather. In fact your music could work beautifully in different movie scenes as it has so much to offer. Very solid work, skirmish or not.

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I really like how you kept the ongoing beat active all through the song and added so much textures and additional synths that it never gets boring. I also really like the arpeggiator at the 1 minute mark! I like most of the sound choices and the varing melodies keeping the song alive as it can be. Nice minimal, but effective work - very atmospheric and the title totally fits! It's somewhat heavy and also the atmospheric sounds somehow sound "weathery". All in all the song reminded me a bit of Jean-Michel Jarre Smile

Also: Your production sounds really massive!

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Oh, fantastic skirmish prompt and love what you've done with it. That driving beat drenches that thought right around me. I always can see scenes for movies and games when I listen to your music... always. It felt like this storm was definitely more in warmer weather, in the night and I'm forever searching for a safe place to go inside, but I'm not finding it, but I continue to plod on and then finally, I find it when the music comes to a halt. Awesome stuff!!

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Very, well done, turned this around in an hour, that's impressive. Do you have some templates set-up to just dive in on something like this? Awesome sound selections, what type of synths are you employing? sorry, asking more questions than actually commenting.