You Haven't Seen Anything Yet

You Haven't Seen Anything Yet

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Liner Notes: 

This was for the super skirmish ss071120g the prompt was "Slow Down"

I went for a murder ballad about Ted Bundy which I feel would be the idea most would come up for that prompt. Smile

The "Slow down" made me think of someone slowing down to pick up a killer. I watched the Amazon documentary Ted Bundy a few weeks ago and it broke my heart. They did a great job of letting the victims and law enforcement tell the story and didn't glamorize or sugar what he was. It was a heard watch but well worth it to see these women and families get to tell their stories.

Any, here is what I used on this:
Fender Stat Squire
Bass (my Fender Strat Squire with octave modded down one)
I think there is room here for an organ or a creepy synth but I spent to long trying to get he bass take (actually recorded a pretty good take and then realized I must not have pressed record)


Verse: am F dm em
Chorus: C am F G

The wind howled
So no one heard
With looks like that
Don't be absurd
A Handsome smile
Hides a devilish grin
It's easy to conceal
His evil sins

You slow down
Let the monster in
That is when
Your nightmare begins
No good deed
Ever goes unchecked
And you haven't even seen
Anything yet

He moves on
To another state
Leaving behind a family
With an unsure fate
No one can
Pin him down
In plain sight
He's always around

You slow down
Let the monster in
That is when
Your nightmare begins
No good deed
Ever goes unchecked
And you haven't even seen
Anything yet

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i like the ominous tone to the jangly guitar. very nice. excellent lyrics too. solid skirmish.

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Oh, this is a good one. That chorus is beautifully unsettling. That melody is perfect and your vocal perfect for it. Yeah, I hear keyboard/organ in there as well. It's not too late to add it. Ah, it's not downloadable. Well, it's a keeper.

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Wow, this is really awesome! I love your take on the skirmish prompt...slowing down to pick up a monster!! I also watched that documentary. I like the guitar tone and your vocals really sell the murder ballad! Nice work on the skirmish!

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Deliciously dark and different take on the prompt. Really well crafted and creepy. I am contemplating where to stay for a short road trip I need to take and just before listening to your song I was thinking I would stay in a small drive up to your door old mom and pop motel versus one of the 4 story Rectangular chains with the buffet breakfasts... now I am re-thinking... great music!

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The title reminded me of “You Aint Seen Nothin’ Yet” but the cool singer/songwriter vibe told me right away this was something quite different, almost peaceful in its wistful delivery. Really nice!

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Wow! This is different and a wonderful idea. Slowing down for a killer!

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Cool. Unique. Great lyrics. You won in this skirmish round. Great work.

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Very, very chilling! This a really creative take on the skirmish prompt, and you’ve done a wonderful job on the lyrics and music. Fantastic skirmishing!

I can’t bring myself to watch the documentary. I’m old enough to remember Ted Bundy’s crime spree. In fact, a close family member was at FSU when Bundy broke into that sorority house, and one of the girls was a classmate.

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Wow - what a great take on the prompt. Definitely not my first thought! Your vocals and the music are a perfect match for the lyrics, very haunting.

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Nice lyrics, and a good sneaky sounding melody. Very understated though, exactly as you said, it has all the right tones without glamourising the killer. Chilly.