Frozen Words

Frozen Words

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Liner Notes: 

I had the funniest dream last night and this is based on that dream. @Scubed and I had written 2 songs together in the dream but we wanted to do a third.
We couldn't find my lyrics though. Finally, we spotted them under the ice at like a skating rink! We began skating around on the ice to see if we could read the words enough to finish the song. I woke up before I we found all the words. Such a funny dream! She suggested I write a song about the dream, so here it is!


Frozen Words
© 2020 Cindy Prince

There were two
We wanted three
Songs to finalize

We didn't know
Where they'd be
Then a big surprise

Beneath the ice were frozen words
We skated fast to find them
Until we rescued them from the ice
The world would never hear them

Could we see them through the ice
Enough to make a song
I woke up before the answer came
It seemed to take too long

There were two
And maybe a half
Then I awoke

What do we do
Except to laugh
At my dream joke

Repeat chorus

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Love it! Biggrin I already have the music in my head.

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Very creative. I like the idea of finding words beneath the ice - very original.

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This one made me smile Smile

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Cool concept, it has a pull i can't explicate-- but i have a tune in my head right now, singing these words....