This Is Not Triumph

This Is Not Triumph

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish (write a song in an hour) prompt 'Triumph' randomly picked by moi two minutes before the start of the event by opening a dictionary and pointing. Written and recorded in 30 minutes.


remove chords
This Is Not Triumph

Some say we’re winning the fight
Some say the situation is stabilized
Some just want it to go away
And to go back to normal
Whatever that was

The only safety is under open blue skies in the great outdoors
Or staying at home alone inside
It’s not going to just go away
And so many don’t want to be informed
That this

Is not triumph, not anywhere near over
Its only just begun to infect
One percent of the population now diagnosed
Don’t want to be part of the wreckage
This is not triumph

Some just want to point fingers
Spinning this for personal gain
Some just want to be winners
Doesn’t matter who else has to pay
Still this

Repeat chorus twice

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I'd have this in my library when I'm wandering the post-apocalyptic wasteland Wink Seriously though - I absolutely feel this. I've definitely said "It’s not going to just go away" a bunch of times in the last six months, so that lyric hit me hard.

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Wow really insightful and timely lyrics. I love the strong message you deliver. Great skirmish!!!

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Ooh, this is nicely dark. I see we went down the same sort of theme route - I guess that's where our heads are now, for some inexplicable reason... Really great skirmish!

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Well, it depends on the country in which you live, I guess.
I'm liking the distant-sounding guitar.
The weird phasing effects are excellent in the headphones.
Great doubled vox, too.
Really nice job for such a short time limit!

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Very on trend. Very isolating bluesy song. Unique and creative. You tap into a dark emotion many can relate to.

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love the slide guitar sound, and the whole vibe of this is perfect for the lyric, which is really on target, nicely done! ultra-important subject, of course, and you really nailed it well here!

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I'm a bit late with the feedback but you managed to capture our present situation very well. The recording was interesting especially with the maracas. The whole song gives me some creepy vibes that works well with the theme/lyrics of a pandemic. Well done!