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Liner Notes: 

Saw this prompt from yesterday at 6AM and decided to dash off a lyric in 20 minutes


Little things set me off
The toothpaste cap is missing
The toilet paper should roll the other way
These newspapers laying all around
Trump’s on the TV – Shut off the sound!
My very last nerve has begun to fray

I’m furious, it’s spurious
My anger is luxurious
You are not immune to my ire
Your actions, infractions
Have driven me to distraction
I’ve reached the boiling point – I’m on fire!

This is not an idle threat
I may do something you’ll regret
I have had it up to here with you
Darling you had best behave
You’ll put me in an early grave
And it may be that fate awaits you too

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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So easily relatable. Smile I live alone, but if I didn't, everything listed in V1 would drive me nuts too. Wink Lovely little write for 20 minutes' work. Clear, concise, and the mood is projected well. I love 'My anger is luxurious'. That about sums up how delicious righteous anger can feel. Wink

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It flows very nice! I don't comment on lyrics alone, but I think yours is very conducive to become a fully-fledged piece of music!

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This was nicely done. Yours is a lot more reasoned than the approach I used of, "I'm going to be completely calm about what's going on, whoops! No logic! Just angry!" Smile

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A really good use of 20 minutes in my opinion! I think all the things you mentioned have universal appeal and are relatable. I enjoyed reading, it could make a good song.

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This reads so easily and has me nodding my head all the way with 'I agrees!" Brilliant write

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Fantastic write Corinne, very therapeutic I believe. It's important to let out emotions. You did it brilliantly!