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Liner Notes: 

Ok, a bit better this time around. No crashes. Ugh.

Seems to take influences from Warcraft II soundtrack.

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another very powerful one - could see it in many a war film!

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The trill in the main theme really creates an unsettled feel for the theme which gives the impression that the warrior does what he/she must but doesn't exactly *like* it. Lovely composition overall. Could see this as a piece in a film for sure.

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This does feel a bit cinematic. I love that low bass when it comes in.. the double bass? I got the free spitfire thing but never downloaded it. Perhaps I should play at some point as I am enjoying what you're doing.

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Beautiful composition, I love the contrast between sections where you occasionally have some instruments creating dissonance followed by a very tonal section. Nice work.

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I really like the way this develops. It's an adventure with highs and lows. Well done. An hour??? Sheeesh!

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Really lovely. So much variation to keep the listener mesmerised. Very nice change-ups and additional little flourishes. It has an ominous - even poignant feel - but not overwhelmingly so. The image that sprang to mind was of a warrior's burial ceremony.

Thanks so much for taking part in the Skirmish. Smile

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Amazing how clearly you set the scene with no words! Very atmospheric and vivid.

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I'm kind of picturing mysterious fairies flitting through the mists; that may be an idiosyncratic take, but the point is, this is very evocative and "visual" music! Terrific!

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This is lovely and also, creative. I want it to be about Vikings, since I am a Viking, hahaha!

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Evil resided within, but triumph begins to sleep through the cracks.... A euphoric and well composed piece and very WoW indeed. Ocarina makes it Zelda like too Smile