Roads Untravelled

Roads Untravelled

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Liner Notes: 

Ok, here it is, finally got my PC back up. But of course, no autosaves cos I installed a new Reaper version and for some F******** reason, it didn't find that from my previous preferences. So, I lost a bunch of recorded stuff when Spitfire crashed my Reaper again. Holy F********* s*** I'm getting tired of that.

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I like that second bit a lot. The drawn out strings with the plucked notes underneath. (at least that's what it sounds like to me.) This actually is a nice little journey in and of itself. You must be using orchestral stuff pretty regularly to get something like this so fast. At least I'd think so. Because this is pretty darn enthralling for 60 minutes.

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wow epic - i can see the landscapes flash past - very nice! - you went for expletives in liner notes unlike staples and elliot

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I'm sorry there was so much tech drama around this and I hope you get to recover what you've lost!! Your music is fabulous, though - this could easily be part of a film soundtrack! I love how it expands and closes back in and expands again. Lovely stuff.

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BBC Discover ? Smile
This is truly evocative. I can see it underscoring drone footage of English countryside.

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This certainly covers some ground. Very impressive for an hour's work. Good stuff.

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Dang dude, this is EPIC and LOVELY! How'd you fit that entire orchestra in your studio? Smile This is ready for a big budget movie like Lord of the Rings! Nice work on the skirmish. And sorry about your tech difficulties! Tech sucks. I love tech!

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People on horseback riding across a field with huge mountains in the background - Well done! Very lovely!

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Great movie like images waved through my mind. Wonderful!

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Nicely done, huge sound. Lots of brass in the intro, then the strings get a bit of time. Nice evolution through the woodwind theme, then the big finale. Enjoyed it.

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Lushly orchestrated, I dig. It does indeed sound like a journey, with a wide, panoramic view.

My sympathy and empathy on the technical issues ....

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Love that big brass intro. The strings that follow flow really nicely - very pretty theme. The whole piece feels like it would break nicely into a series of themes for soundtrack use, while still working as a whole.

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Wonderfully majestic opening with the brass! The strings really soar, then everything comes back to Earth with the minor key. Beautiful. Fantastic skirmishing!

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Beautiful piece, love the contrasting sections, good melody in the middle part. You have some great orchestral samples!

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High production marks on this one. With instruments that we know, and some that we will never know.
I could listen all day. In my room. With my eyes closed.