Wish We Could Get Away

Wish We Could Get Away

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Liner Notes: 

We wanted to take a trip this summer but it ain't happenin'.


Stuck here at home
With the world on lockdown
Doing my work online
There must be better ways to spend my time

When out gotta wear my mask
Don't have a problem with that
Could this all be a dream
And maybe things aren't really what, really what they seem

Wish We Could Get Away
And take a trip like we used to
Hawaii, Paris or New York City
Or anyplace else would do
Wish We Could Get Away
Just the thought makes me smile
I know we can't go anywhere now
But let's think about it for awhile
Wish We Could Get Away

It's almost like we're stuck in time
Life goes on but not for real
Can't make any solid plans
Almost everything is banned

Gonna plan a trip anyway
Even though it'll just be in my mind
I believe someday things will change
And life will stop being so strange


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That second verse nails it for me. I like your vocal on this one. An easy feel to it that coneys the longing but has a happy tinge to it that makes me feel like maybe there's some hope for "getting away, taking a trip like we used to" at some point.

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This top shelf. I really like the Neil Young feel and the interpretation of the situation in the song. Awesome.

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very nice - great minds think alike similar to mine

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Really like the feel of this - the vocals and guitar really match up with the lyrics and the whole thing sounds very together. Great work!

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Great conversational delivery. Longing to get away but resigned to staying put. Good skirmish.

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I always enjoy your songs Jeff Smile and this is no exception. I especially enjoyed the literal take on what is happening for you, as things are for you, and how you are thinking.
A keeper I think Smile

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Love the vocals and the slides and bends in the melody - you have a paul simon conversational style. Well done! Thank you!

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I enjoyed this quite a lot! Really awesome lyrics that sum up our current condition! I liked this observation, "It's almost like we're stuck in time" because I am always asking my wife "what day is it now?" I also enjoyed your performance...great vocals and lovely guitar. Nice work on the skirmish!

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We can all relate and you've captured it so well!

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This is delightful! The music has a great, catchy vibe, and the lyrics are terrific. This one’s a keeper. Wonderful skirmishing!

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It's weird... corona virus didn't really change my life in any meaningful way. I don't plan anything anyway. But still, I feel more restricted. If I WANTED to do something... I can't. I don't want to... but IF I did. Shruggs... it's a predicament. Take freedom away and people will want it back... even if they never utilized it.