It's a Beautiful Day

It's a Beautiful Day

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Liner Notes: 

Here's a weepy, but in a sort of uplifting way, perhaps.


It's a Beautiful Day

From the end of the dock I watch the sun rising
Reflecting on a mirror-like bay…

She was rowing a boat along the far shoreline
I heard her call out “it’s a beautiful day”
So, I offered her coffee and she stayed for wine
And entwined we decided we’d stay

Log fires in the hearth and a snow-covered forest
When a cruel winter followed the fall
Don’t worry, they said, this is just a routine test
Then in the springtime we got the call

Four seasons was all I would have to remember
I was lonely again by September

One fall day I returned her ashes to nature
And the circle of life was closed in that bay
And as I was watching the sea gently take her
I heard her say “it’s a beautiful day”

©2020 John S Alty

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a sad song indeed, so well expressed.