Big Dishy

Big Dishy

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An old man lived by the sea.
The sun and the salt air had baked his head to such a brittle degree
it rang like a gong when you smacked it,
and his wife used to bang it with a big old cooking ladle
to call all the little grandchildren in to supper.
The kid's loved the old ladle and called it Big Dishy
As the children got older they played farther from home
and the wife had to bang the old man's head harder and harder
to make 'em hear the dinner gong.
Now I don't need to tell you
that every object can only stand so much impact
before it gives way under stress,
and you know what I'm going to say......
well one day she hit his head so hard and.....
well the ladle broke! Sad but true .
Anyway the kids were heartbroken about Big Dishy
and also peeved they'd missed their supper
and and they hit the old man's head with their baseball bats
for what he'd done,
and it just cracked open like a soft boiled egg and ran all over the table.

(c) G3 Darnell 2020

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Ferry Colyer's picture

It's like an old lady is telling this odd story, which has lots of imagery. I especially like the last line.

wacha's picture

I love the steadiness of the vocals against the chaotic feeling music. Such a lighthearted tale with a nice, dark twist at the end. Yet the twist is still kind of funny, vert clever. Nice job!

Fuzzy's picture

I'm loving the twisted alien harmonica sounds.
Brilliant story and engaging telling of such.
Reminds me a bit of "Old Fart At Play".
Keep the madness flowing, Darnell!!!

Kurtis Kanttila's picture

Story time! Man what the hell is happening in the right channel, haha. I love the voice here and the tale. The left, middle and right channels are like different songs all at once here.

dzd's picture

Poor Big Dishy....that's a great old lady vocal Wink

cleanshoes's picture

Yes. Love the inflection in the vocal, and the delightfully strange accompaniments. Humorous, macabre, and so satisfying.