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Liner Notes: 

So infuriating-just when restrictions are easing, you have these misguided souls going out and ruining it for everyone else!
I think you know what I mean.
I must admit I’m not in any rush to return to ‘normal’ pre-Covid life, but this type of behaviour endangers so many Sad


Flouting in the face
of a new type of plague (plague)
Moths to the flame, they follow.

Out there acting Loose
While we’re hanging by a Noose (noose)
Squeezing tighter, not letting go.

Reaper stakes his claim
And the sniper takes aim (aim)
Another one in the ground.

Can’t even keep up
And protection’s not enough (rough)
For this Virus named for a crown.

Helpless against fools
Reckless, stubborn and cruel (cruel)
The selfish hollow flaunters.

Theorists conspire
Adding fuel to the fire (fire).
Promised cure ever taunts us.

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ugh, I feel you friend.

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Very nice collaboration, there is a lot of heart in this song. The lyrics are honest and the repetition does a nice job of letting them stand out.

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Great stuff Mr Davies! Brilliant lyrics too