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Liner Notes: 

Trying out things with the BBC Discovery Orchestra. It's very limited, yet, but what sounds there are... are really something! Really missing key switches.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I was waiting for Attenborough's voice before I even read that you were using BBC's sounds. I need to get my hands on these. I've messed around with orchestra patches before and I have always wanted to output the scores and hand them to a conductor/live musicians but the little details in this make it come to life on it's own.

I like what you've done with it. I'm a huge fan of the french horn and I really appreciate its use in the chord resolution at 1:37. That set up the harp/flute section beautifully.

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I have to add that I'm loving the final section. The lyricism is quite beautiful. That decent into that chord at 1:47 is very nice.

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Oh this is wonderful! Should have my copy of that thing pretty soon(of course I waited the 2 weeks Wink )

Really great composition! That switch right around 1.5min mark yeah! really did it for me! harp sounds lovely!

Really wonderfully put together piece! I really enjoyed.

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Wow, this sounds great, very much like real orchestral instruments! Nice composing as well, I can totally hear this in a film/tv score.

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That was amazing! I'm not quite sure how you achieved that, but it was very complicated and lovely.

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I admire so much those, like you, who can put together film score/orchestra-type sounds like this. Incredible!
Got really swept away by the soaring majesty as I closed my eyes. The change of pace at around 1:50 was lovely - thought it might come back to percussion-driven, but a sweet conclusion nonetheless. Bravo!

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This sounded great to me, as you know I was distracted from listening from my 4 year and her verdict was that it was good and it reminded her of a lady singing.

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Love it !! I got that package too, but not used it yet.... Scared to now after hearing something so neat !

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An alternative track for Lawrence Of Arabia, maybe? I really enjoyed this, Juha. Great composing & mixing of elements. You keep things interesting as the themes evolve from one to another. We are on a great adventure & not sure what is around the next corner, but we can't wait to find out!

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