Ghastly Party

Ghastly Party

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Liner Notes: 

---- Mix is pretty low. Might have to turn up your speakers ----

First entry. Short and sharp.

This year for help I've had some coworkers write down a bunch of words that got thrown into a hat and I'm gonna try and include each of the words/sayings/names that got drawn out.

For this song I had to include:

Skipping, Handcuffs, Wine, Jelly, Slurping, Learn to Fly, Hate, Oprah, Eminem, Betty White.

Given the subject matters, I kinda just rolled with it being a bit silly and didn't take it too seriously and had some great fun.

This songs about sneaking into a party with some celebs I suppose, perhaps in a dream.


I'm slurping on some wine,
I'm having a mighty fine time,
tonights gonna be a good night.

I'm chatting with Oprah and then,
In comes Eminem
And on karaokes Betty White.

She's singing "Learn to Fly"
and she's getting kinda high.
So might I in a few beers time.

See I don't know where to begin. I've just snuck in.
To this Ghastly Party where handcuffs are a win.

I'm picking at my plate,
skipping the jelly shots I hate,
tonights gonna be a good night.

I'm full up on booze,
and I've got nothing to lose,
I'm gonna go talk to Betty White.

Yeah I might go chat up Betty White.

I might leave here with Betty White.

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This is hilarious. I fully endorse leaving with Betty White as the desired outcome to the situation you describe

I like the tonal structure, that chromatic ascent is unnerving (in a good way).

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the sound of the recording is like a dream invasion of the ear. thus is no ordinary hollywood party. the choice of celebrities us so unusual that you could be backstage during a taping of the tonight show

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Please tell me this was not in fact a word challenge and you really spent the night drinking with Em and went home with Betty White.

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A gentlemen never kisses and tells? :P

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The random words makes for fun lyrics. Really like the guitar and the part where it gets higher and higher. Vocals are nice also. Trying to wheel Betty White, smooth. Enjoyable listen!

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This was a lot of fun! A gentle and fun party for my ears!

I'm not sure about the ghastly stuff with the handcuffs, but I'm thinking it was so ghastly you couldn't talk about it.

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This is fun, great lines, tongue in cheek delivery. Very clever and a good listen.

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Nice. And I note you’re unwilling to give the outcome of whether you went home with Betty White!! A true gent.
Really gentle sounding guitar and I liked the chord changes, sliding into them. Great stuff.

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Random story works well (and hopefully you didn't go home with Betty White). Good tune.

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I love how warm the music is, which makes it all the funnier when you bring in all the other names. Really pretty chord changes, love the left ear guitar and bass sound especially. It very much feels free flowing and drifts in a compelling way. Good work!

cts's picture this is what happens when co-workers toss words at you and then you take it into a studio and record them. Pretty clever, friend...a hint of noire and the weird. Ain't gonna ask if you were drinking...I'll just roll with the results! :p

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It really sounds like a ghastly party! Biggrin

You encapsulated perfectly how I feel about this sorta get-togethers. Booze makes it tolerable, but I don't really like booze. Yikes!

Good job on this one!

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Love it! It's how I used to feel at Ghastly Parties. That's a totally appropriate and gripping (clutching?) vocal presenation. Really enjoy the steady shift into almost true horror as the handcuffs appear. Thanks for the background, not needed to enjoy the song but fascinating!! More, please.