There's A First Time For Everything

There's A First Time For Everything

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Liner Notes: 

I heard this song of Gwyn's and asked if I could do a reworking of the melody/music. As I was reading his lyrics a new melody came to mind that I wanted to try. I feel that the theme is so completely universal to those of us with fathers still alive and those who have lost a loved one. Gwyn says it's added a new depth and sensitivity to the lyrics, which is what I was hoping to bring out... He adapted two of the lines 'I stand tall, a full grown man
But I was still his little boy' for a female singer.



(c) 2020 Cooper/Jones
All Rights Reserved

There’s a first time for everything

Were the last words he spoke
Who knows what tomorrow might bring
When the darkness sheds it’s cloak

I doubt it will bring solace

I doubt it will bring joy
A woman now but I was still
His little girl holdin’ her toy

There’s a first time for everything 

He laughed as he taught me to swim
Don’t be nervous, just jump right in 

Was the encouragement from him
Grab life right by the throat 
And don’t ever let it go 

I always heeded his advice 
And last night I told him so

There’s a first time for everything 

He whispered as he held my son
His features slowly softening 

As proud as anyone 

He was grateful for each new day 
He believed he’d been blessed 

He worked hard and he played hard 
And now he’s earned his rest

Late into the evening 

Surrounded by his loving folk
There’s a first time for everything
Were the last words he spoke

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What a good song with traditional country sound. I'm falling in love with your voice!

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Georgie! You've gone REAL country! Okay, good country lyric, good story in the lyric, good country treatment!

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How priceless you two! That old country I love so much. Fantastic!

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What a great refiguring of the lyric. Classic old country sound. Awesome collab!

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I'm a really big fan of old (REAL) country music, so of course I like this a lot.
Really nice guitar work.
Super great vox for sure.
A wonderful collab, folks!

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right back in country classic mode very nice

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Reminds me of my daddy! A perfect classic country tune. Love it and that last line tugs at the soul

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Lovely intimate song, Georgie your voice on this is perfect this.

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I'm with Alex, that's a classic sound!

I remember that sound from my childhood, which I suppose is fitting for the theme.

This reminds me of some people I knew. Like... people only talk to you this way when you're a kid, hm? I don't know. I feel like I've been treated like an adult since I was 10. Yikes!