Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek

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Liner Notes: 

I've been trying to write a small song on the OP-Z per day. This one started with a weird high-hat, off beat by a 16th note. My idea was to create the illusion that the high hat was on the beat, but when the kick and bass entered the listener would realize the beat was in a different place. It turned out too weird for my taste, so I ended up moving the high hats another 16th.

One thing I enjoyed about this song is that I automated the arpeggiator speed, so that it slows down on some bars. It's a really cool effect and make the song more dynamic. I also love the electric bass, the intro of this song reminds me of an existing song but I can't picture the name.



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this got me dreaming while i was still awake. that is quite a melody on top of everything else

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I agree with billwhite51, that melody is killer. I know what you were trying with the off beat hat, that's so hard to pull off. The tune turned out pretty good anyway, I like it a lot.

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You are selling me on the OP-Z. I have been curious about those little pocket synths for a while now... (the OP-Z is the bigger one, right, and the PO-series are the little calculator sized ones?)

Love the interplay of the different lines here. Great song!

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The shifts in the arpeggiator tempo work really well, and I love the wistful feel of that lead line. Cool beat too, that stuttery kick drum works really well. I really considered picking up an OP-Z last week but then I got distracted and somehow ended up impulse-buying a Yamaha Reface CS. Dammit 50/90.

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That opening pad on the OP-Z is something special - you instantly set the atmosphere with a gloriously evocative sound. The varispeeded arps are really interesting, too - the track keeps grabbing the attention and never lapses into predictability. This is different and fresh and I *really* like it. Downloaded this one!