Yea Yea

Yea Yea

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Liner Notes: 

Entire song based off of the "mmm mmm hmm" vocal. It was the beginning of a longer vocal, but I only liked that part...liked it so much that I made it the main melody.
Embellished that with some old school electro-funk sounds and ideas, heavily influenced by Prince, George Clinton, Roger & Zapp, etc.
Really rough and needs neatening up in a lot of spots, some good mixing but keep its old school warmth, etc.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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What a fun track! Had me bopping and grooving and I'm a middle aged guy with no sense of groove. LOL

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Fantastic super fun, love the up groove and the 80's pallete. You totally grabbed the vibe.

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Oooh damn, bringing those Funk synths. Very cool, certainly a head bobber. I love the sounds and melodies here. You find such awesome tones for your songs and you completely nailed the vibe on this one. You hear bits of all the inspirations, it all comes together super well. Really liked this one!

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what can i say except that it all clicked and for a few minutes forgot about all the troubles in the world

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yup thats a goodie mate. really catchy and it just flew past

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Cool! Happy little tune.

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Very cool, fun song, holds the attention brilliantly. Made me smile and wanting to dance and to clap.

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Love the Prince vibe and the vocal built around mmm hmmm... Cool!

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I'm moving a little more on this one because I'm a freak for Prince but there's more here. The bass is very very right and you build into the end at a high point. OW