Philly Boy

Philly Boy

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"Philly Boy" (original) #FiftyNinety

Liner Notes: 

My "Introduction Song" - I was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia (about 30 minutes North).
About 10 years ago, I moved to Boulder, CO.
Now, I'm starting to reconnect to my scrappy side. Wink


D, F, C6 (double the g)
EbM7, D, F, walk-up to C

I’m just a Philly Boy, waking up in a little baby town
This jawn right here, a little hectic, but it won’t bring me down
With a mouth like a man from the shipyard, who learned to shut his trap
But I’ve grown tired of the limits of restraint so cut the crap

I’m goin’ all Philly on you
I’m goin’ all Philly on you
I’m goin’ all Philly on you…

Strolling down these quiet little streets,
‘aint the same as Torresdale Avenue
You think that attitude’s gonna get you somewhere,
but it ‘aint a good look on you

Flippin’ cars, just for fun,
Looks like our team just went and won the game
You gonna say, “well that’s a crime”
Hell, they grease the poles so we can’t climb the same

Rode up high from one end to the other,
on the Market-Frankford El
Passed through the center of the city,
flip off Billy Penn and go to hell

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Side note: Cool picture of Buddy Guy behind you.
Song: You have a way with melody. If I had a fairly wordy (meaning longer lines, not too many) lyric I would struggle a bit with it and you make it sound so naturaly. I like the chorus, that's cool.

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The Buddy Guy photo (there's also a dope Tom Morello one just above it) were taken by my photographer, Lisa Siciliano.
I tried to keep the chorus simple, to give me a break between verses...

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This has a nice beat. Paints a great picture. I can feel the grit. Good hook. Yeh nice work. Nice to meet you.

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philly on you is a classic phrase. some vivid verses as well...
you showed me a city i passed through many times on the train or bus, but never visited.

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Well, ukulele is the instrument of grit and throw downs. I love syncopation in the chorus. The uke rhythm is really aggressive and wonderful. I like how much attitude this has even though you are singing quietly. Wonderful language. I love all of this!