Unwieldy Mess

Unwieldy Mess

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Liner Notes: 

I love the reverse echo. I never get to use it, because it's inherently unmusical. But sometimes you have to embrace what you love


It’s a mess. No one disagrees
That’s why you’re here, same as me
To address the worst things we’ve seen

Be my guest, try your hand at reform
You won’t be the first, the seat is still warm
It’s a test, I think you might like
Rolling up your sleeves is a very good sign

But when you get the prize, it’s like a gift
And you realize there’s more profit in filth

Unwieldy mess, you’ll learn to love it
And we’re so blessed, money thrives in shit
Don’t get stressed, it’s legal as law
A game of elites, a little bit raw

You’re in the club now, there’s only one rule
Don’t let on we’re not trying to fix things for the fools

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this song is inherently psychedelic, and to the psychedelisized there is nothing unmusical in a reverse echo and when ipsychedelic guitars gleam from the ceiling, the only thing straight is the message.

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I've found that, once properly psychedelisized, there is very little in this world that is completely unmusical. Thank you for the compliments!

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Well the reverse echo sounds totally in sync with this song and I really like it. Love the slow chugging groove. Great counter-melody on guitar.

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The reverse echo is indeed lovely and extremely musical gere

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Great with the phones on as is the way with this kind of psychedelic style. Nice one.

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Heh, everybody loves profits. But some countries seem to love em more than others. To the point where people are just means to an end. Good song. I don't think lobbying is legal in Finland. might be wrong about that, but you know...

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