First Time

First Time

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Liner Notes: 

Song number 3.

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I like the way the chord qualities and the ambient sounds support one another in creating the mood and vibe of this piece. I like the reverse twinkly sounds that come in, that’s a cool texture. I also like the strings that come in toward the end. The weight they bring contrasts nicely with the more airy sounds near the beginning. And great chords

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I love this! Sort of magical and reminds me of fairies and stars!

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Beautiful sounds and textures. Love this!

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It's cool when I expect one thing due to the tags, but get something completely unexpected...but end up really liking it.
Your piano throughout makes this for me. Beautifully minimal, not doing too much at all, but what is there has a profound impact on how the entire track is taken in for me.
Nice abstract sounds coming in just enough to give this a different atmosphere.

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Nice blend of sounds, the simple piano is supported by swells of other stuff. Bells transmuted into ocean waves. A submerged cello.

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Cool and refreshing listen on a hot summer day! This is a lovely, lovely blend of sounds and textures. Very much enjoyed listening.

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Starts with just the sort of pensive feel and lie-back I need right now, then gets serious. First times are rarely all they're cracked up to be. Good stuff!