Orchard of Gods

Orchard of Gods

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Liner Notes: 

Got nothing really to say about this.

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Great start to this piece -it sets the scene nicely. Good change at around 45 seconds. Then it just grows and grows, lots of creativity. the fade out is very touching. Good work - it takes subtlety to combine piano and synth strings effectively but you did it.

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Very atmospheric and calming; like being in an orchard of the gods.

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Ah, very nice. Really put me in a mood. I've been screaming at my computer all day because of technical issues trying to record my latest song. I hope yours went more smoothly. Enjoyed this!

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Such a sweet sound coming out of that electric piano, there's almost mechanical and electric guitar like tones mixed into it.
A big mood change into the next much darker section, like its a precursor for something more, and then bang, the final part, where those strings are so powerful and majestic I could believe this is an orchard where gods are grown on trees. Very impressive.

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What a great piece, it really sends you on a journey and is very calming.

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Great soundtrack material, I could imagine scenes changing and unfolding throughout. Good quality mix too.

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Very emotive and compelling music. Enjoyed this very much

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This sounds huge & full of emotion. I picture you sitting at your keyboards playing this on a dark stage in a boundless hall. Cinematic & epic stuff, IA.

See You In The Shadows…

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Wow, this is so pretty! Each section evokes a different feeling and sets my imagination to building a story in my head to go with it. Lovely work.

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Really moody, cinematic and scary at times you're using discover super well