Small Town Splashdown

Small Town Splashdown

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Liner Notes: 

Used the following songwriting prompt: write a song in the form of a step-by-step process, and use the progression Bm, F#m, G, Em. This was hard at first, and then I came up with something from my own past that I thought might work - a swimming hole in Winfield, KS where I grew up for the most part. A big tree had grown at an angle over the river, and we found it one day while out on our bicycles. You could walk out onto the trunk and then a large limb and it was an awesome home-made diving board! It was kind of nerve-wracking for someone that's afraid of heights (like me!) but once I did it a few times it was super fun.


Borrowed mom's blue Ford Maverick
On a summer afternoon
Picked up my good friend Ronnie Red
And cranked up the rock'n'roll tunes

Headed down to the Walnut River
Our destination nearby
Parked the car and got our nerve up
Time to pretend we could fly

Walk out on that big tree limb
Jump into the river
Swim back to the river’s edge
And do it all over again
That’s the way we spent our summers
Life was simpler then, it was a

Small Town Splashdown
Small Town Splashdown
Small Town Splashdown

Hangin' out by that bent old oak tree
We'd lose all track of time
Usually a few more friends would drop by
And on the tree they'd climb

Dropping into that muddy river
Whoopin' all the way
We all knew there just could not be
A better way to spend the day



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you found a great melody for that chord progresssion. i like the way you sing it,

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Really love this! but as hot as it is here today I want to splash! Great melody

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Well done a good summer song. That Em still doesn't sound natural to my ear but you did well. Oh and i remember those days!

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Great summer tune! The progression and rhythmic guitar match the lyrics perfectly. Bravo

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I love that "life was simpler" perspective and the title (and the way you sing it) is very good. I recently did a song that was supposed to include instructions on how to do something. I kind of fudged it a bit. I think you did it better.

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I love this so very much! I grew up on a river and this takes me right back to high school and my mom’s green Mustang! Great details and catchy chorus. Small town summer captured perfectly!

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A sweet drive (jive?) to this memory song, good-time listening, nostalgia without maudlin. I really appreciate the guitar backing rhythmns!

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Great story telling, I can picture the scene. Sounds great, melody works very well.

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As I write this, a bunch of kids are jumping into the canal outside my window. Lovely little acoustic ditty filled with great memories ... it really rolls along beautifully!