Air glow

Air glow

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Liner Notes: 

Another OP-Z jam, this one using piano samples. Recorded in a single take without a lot of planning, just muting instruments and playing again with the tape track.



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apt title...i can feel the air glow around these instruments. the dynamics of the unfolding kept me mesmerized.

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Whatever you're doing here, it's captivating. I love the way it rocks on those two notes, gaining musical density and then unwinding again. Love it!

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yeah i like this one , flow is excellent it was over so quick, i listened again it wasnt short it just flew by!

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It's like a foggy autumn day.

You go strolling through the park. No birds anywhere. Just the fog and the still air.


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I just love that little machine, it's so incredibly versatile. You make such lovely music on it. I love how this starts off simple, gets more complicated and then back. Beautiful.