Rucksack Full of Pinon

Rucksack Full of Pinon

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Liner Notes: 

This is my fake Ennio Morricone tune. I listened to a bunch of stuff from his whole career, and some Aaron Copland for another take on the American west. But when it comes down to it, those spaghetti western soundtracks are what I like.

So here's some strings and horns from the BBC's "Discover" orchestra put out by Spitfire Audio. You can get it free if you fill out a questionnaire. (

@katpiercemusic recorded an ACTUAL trumpet part for the first break, which is far superior to my MIDI trumpet ruminations in the first round.

Acoustic guitar for that western feel. Electric surf guitar and conga/bongo percussion for that 60's pop feel.

I downloaded the BBC orchestra yesterday, today is my first time trying to create an orchestral piece ever. It's a little loosey goosey, I did this in half a day. To compose music like this should take much more time and analysis. I was not looking the the score, to see where notes overlapped in different parts. I pretty much played everything by ear. This is not the way Serious Music is made. Morricone was a master of the form, I'm an amateur.

I spent some time in high school and college playing cello and double bass in symphonies. So I have some idea how the string parts are supposed to sound. But brass, woodwinds, and orchestral percussion are a huge mystery to me. So this is heavy on the strings.



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What a great spaghetti western type theme. I half-expected to see the Mandalorian (the modern spaghetti western par excellence!) to show up midway through the tune. Very enjoyable.

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You may be an amateur, but you're on to something here. I love the way the orchestra and guitars intertwine. Awesome guitar tone, too. This is really lovely

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The western vibe is strong in this one. In Finland we call that guitar tone 'rautalanka' which translates to iron wire. Glorious reverb!

I like the movements it takes. So many turns in the verses.

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A nice tribute to Morricone. The sound is evocative of those Western scenes with the tiny horseman in a stunning landscape with a far off horizon. Have I ever actually seen such a landscape? Or is just embedded in my mind from the cinema? And if that is so, this is the kind of music that invariably paired with that image.
You did an amazing job recreating the sound of a master composer. The surf guitar is the best.

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You may say your an amateur but it sounds pretty darned good to me, its a solid start. I am eagerly awaiting my copy of spitfire, hopefully I will get it in the next couple of days.

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Very cool! Absolutely evocative of that Morricone/spaghetti western sound, and the surf guitar and bongo are great elements. Nicely done!

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Lots of interesting tone/mood changes throughout that keep this really fresh and soundtracky! Love that guitar sound as well. Would not be out of place as a score to a media product.

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This is some lovely orchestration. If you want to allude to Morricone, definitely go for surf guitar over strings. I like the use of pizzicato and some of the harmonic turns you take. And your melodic material is really solid. If you ever want a muted trumpet sound in one of these (a la Good Bad and the Ugly... THAT scene) let me know. I'm pretty sure I can get a close proximity though it wouldn't be perfect.

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This is extremely pretty - you give this piece all the depth and heights of a proper western instrumental!! Those cellos(?) in the right are awesome.

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The spitfire BBC is truly great! If this is your first orchestral attempt, you're doing really well! What a pity there isn't an ocarina available, because you've otherwise nailed the spaghettisound.

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Absolutely great. You got this completely right. The guitar is outstanding.

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Great start! I think you have the hang of it now. That surf guitar nailed it. Nice choice of instruments.

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Thank you for taking up the Morricone challenge! I meant to give it a go but I've had trouble getting properly into a groove so far this summer.
This is really atmospheric and cool, love the twangy guitar part and the trumpet sounds GREAT, excellent addition @katpiercemusic!