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i'm not sure if this counts as an entirely new song but it feels like it! i re-arranged my lil chord-melody first song into something fuller and more Dramatic... i'd still want to tinker with this but i'm going to leave it for now

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Like the lead guitar tone, very cool sounding. Band-passed-ish, maybe, pretty full and warm.

Nice groove too.

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Ooh, love that guitar. Really feeling that groove, really nice tone. I like how it plays along with the rest of the instruments, the bits that occur after the main melody are super cool!

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Very 80s feel to it. I think that could be pushed maybe even further for MAXIMUM NOSTALGIA VIBES. Biggrin

The guitar is fantastic. Getting maybe a bit Robben Ford.

Great sounds!

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This hit the spot. Great groove and perfect guitar.. sweet sweet rhythm. Well done!

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i didn't comment much on twitzone, but i wanted to say that it's impossible to be sad with that bass and guitar combo. It's such a wonderful, whimsical combo. Gives me such chills, good for dealing with the heat!

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Definitely enough variation here to call this a whole new track I reckon. Love the subtle dynamics at play here. Such a lovely little dancey number, despite the complexity of it all. Gorgeous.

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I listened the the 1st song first (liked that too), definitely different enough. Very nice groove, big sound. Well done!

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Oh boy! This isn't just extrazesty, it's SUPER SMOOTH extrazesty, like lemon flavoured butter (is that a thing? That ought to be a thing.) Guitar is glorious.

I particularly like the playfulness of that stuttering, descending progression. Downloaded for future smooth jazz mellow enjoyment.